Social Security Benefits for Widows & Widowers

What happens to Social Security benefits when a spouse dies? Let’s use an example of Bill and Ann Jones. Bill and Ann are both receiving Social Security benefits when Bill dies suddenly of a heart attack. Ann can keep her own Social Security benefit payment or she can claim a survivor benefit based on the Read more about Social Security Benefits for Widows & Widowers[…]

Social Security Benefits

Nearing retirement age?  Not sure when to start receiving your social security?  These are common questions among Americans in their 60s.  Unfortunately, due to insufficient savings, in 2014 Social Security provided 100% of the retirement income for 15% of individuals 65 and over.  It’s important to understand how Social Security works and your options under Read more about Social Security Benefits[…]

Social Security Wage Base

The Social Security Administration has projected an increase in the Social Security wage base for 2014.  The wage base is the amount up to which employees and employers are required to withhold 6.2% for Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance (OASDI).  The wage base is expected to increase from $113,700 in 2013 to $115,500 in Read more about Social Security Wage Base[…]